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Re-Organizing folders



Welcome to the Helpful-Group

This group is dedicated to helping you get more attention for your artwork, journals, videos, streams, commissions, etc.

Whether you draw cartoons, anime, or even ecchi and hentai...
You are welcome to drop by.

But please follow the rules carefully - and be sure to not post anything that breaks DA's ToS.

To join this group, just hit the "Join our Group" button located on the left hand side. You should be automatically approved.


:bulletred: You must be a member of the group in order to submit anything.
:bulletred: Mature content is permitted - but please don't submit anything that breaks DA's rules!!!
:bulletred: You are allowed to submit journals that link to R-18 Picarto.TV channels. (since it's technically not a porn site)... but please tag your journals properly to avoid DA Admins taking it down again.
:bulletred: please submit your content to the right folders. It should also be noted that this group now has subfolders in the Journal folders. Please use the subfolders properly. If you have difficulty finding the correct folder for something, please submit your deviation into the unsorted folder and contact the group via - Group Notes.
:bulletred: This group doesn't tolerate harassment. Report harassment to the group via. Group Notes. Proving that you have evidence, of course.
:bulletred: Art Theft is strictly prohibited. Yet again, if you find any stolen images in this group, report it to the group via Group Notes with evidence.
:bulletred: Sexy art is fine. But please place a mature content filter where it's necessary.
:bulletred: Journals offering NSFW commissions are permitted, too. As long as they are properly tagged to avoid any mishaps.


All Administrators Have the Privilege of Submitting Unlimited Deviations in All Folders!!! Except to Featured

They may even get custom-made journal skins from the founder!!!

All Members Unlimited Folders:
:bulletgreen: Patreon users
:bulletgreen: All subfolders in "Journals"
:bulletgreen: YCH Auctions
:bulletgreen: Adoptables
:bulletgreen: Unsorted

Page Comment Rules!!!

You're allowed to post links in the comments section.
Unless they contain:
:bulletred: porn*
:bulletred: gore
:bulletred: links to viruses

*Picarto.TV NSFW Channels are OK, granted if you tag a content warning.


Other Helpful DA Groups

Other Important Notes:

Want to get even more noticed? Ask to get featured on the group's journals!!! :dummy:

The Admins from time to time may offer commissions via the group's journal. Including Collaboration and 2-in-1 commisshes!!! So pay some attention to the group!!!

Watching the group is optional; but it's suggested that you do. You may never know... something spectacular may pop up some day!!! :dummy:

Group Avatar is Courtesy of ZeiderSten



Feel free to affiliate with us!
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Yay!!! :dummy:

SFW. I changed my content.
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Where would these points go to if I donate?

Good question, these points will go to and only to the deviants who seek it and definitely need it however that doesn't mean you get it for free. The deviants who want to obtain points must follow my rules which is giving llamas, watches, and faves to the generous people that donated them~! <333

My goal is for DA Deviants not to live in poverty (poverty = without points that is xD), although it may seem hard, we can achieve it through courage!

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Little-rolling-bean Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Welp, since you said you only support nice artists, here is a very nice person from your group:…

they basically threatened death on me because I did not like a game for 8 year olds. Do something about it and then I will join your group. 
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NeverMore-X Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2014  Student General Artist
happy holidays everyone Heart
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